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For some of us, it is about plunging into the designer infinity pool with close friends. Some might seek meditative retreats in Bhutan and beyond. There are those who travel to hunt for out-of-production Yohji Homme EdT or the vinyl edition of Ryuichi Sakamoto's Chasm.

So, what are you searching for? wiki chi chi is a wikipedia of discerning travel and elegant discoveries… Seek and you shall receive.


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It's definitely not about the hospitality branding, advertising or even design per say… we believe a memorable stay is really about the sum of the parts. All the details in the right places.

As a start, we are focused on presenting you these fine details. The little touches that make your stay special and memorable. Breakfast, toiletries, the infinity pool and even the guests demographics. Exacting reviews and frank reports, all to help you choose your next holiday abode and that you know what you are paying for. And even if you are not holiday planning, we dare say our delicious photography is well worth a glance. ^^




Join the wiki chi chi movement of elegant sharing and slumming. Start sharing your beautiful travel pictures, bangkok hotel reviews and elegant lifestyle recommendations. Our only rule is that PR photographs are not allowed, this is to ensure that wiki chi chi's content stays user-generated and original.


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