Palais De Chine Hotel

No. 3, Section 1, Chéngdé Road, Datong District Taipei City, Taiwan 103
Right across the road from Taipei train station.


The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Good:
1. The staff are always mindful, beckoning and helpful. They try to be discreet.
2. Great location, with the hipster tree-lined cafes of Zhongshan behind and the Taipei train station right across the road.
3. Items to watch out on the breakfast menu are the home-grown Taiwanese yam, sweet potatoes and Japanese thin soba. We love Taiwanese produce!
4. The complimentary in-room Taiwanese tea, packaged in a canister. I should have brought a few more canisters back.

The Bad:
1. Where is my infinity pool and spa? The leisure tourists here will love a dip.
2. There is not much to do in the hotel, especially since there is no pool or spa.
3. The lack of variety of snacks in the executive lounge. Surely, we can a larger variety of cheese.

The Ugly:
1. Hardly any. I do not see any bed bugs.

The Guests:
1. The guests are very varied from Japanese tourists, to some Hong Kongers (hungover from last night's partying) and then some more Asians. The demographic is generally older.


Details: 3/5

Breakfast / Food: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Design: 4/5

Rooms: 4/5

Value: 5/5 (with the Stay 3 nights and 1 night free from IPrefer website)

Room Images


There is a revival on now in Taipei, quite a few interesting bars, restaurants and hotels opening. Quote Hotel, Home Hotel and *gasp* W Hotel… to name a few. Cocktail bars like Woo Bar, BarKode, The Den, Marquis…

Personally, Palais De Chine is a place that will hold its own with the rest. I still like the sense of restrain and understatement in the places I stay. You will not catch me at the gaudy W Hotel. That being said, I will like to check out Quote or Home Hotel the next time I am in town.

It is like a refuge, one can conveniently hide into after a day of tiring shopping. A cap to a day of experience and fun in this big city. The fact that there are not much amenities at the hotel, means you can just tuck into the sheets and sleep away till the next adventure comes on this Treasure Island (old Chinese name for Taiwan).

Around The Hotel

1. The hipster tree-lined ZhongShan area is 1 train station, 200 hundred metres behind the hotel. Hunt down the De Stjil vintage jewellery shop, cafes, Taiwanese produce shops and many others. The SPOT Taiwan all in the same area.

2. Check out Fei Chang Wu Roasted Eel Restaurant. I do find the eel rice that delicious. The home-grown Taiwanese oysters are just brilliant. They taste so clean and clear, quite unlike any oysters I have tasted before.

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