You would probably know by now, but just in case the hints are not strong enough, wiki chi chi is:

1. about open source travel reports. It's about power to you, the discerning and sophisticated consumer. For you to showcase and share your unique travel experiences.

2. focused on resorts, hotels and travel in the Far East. We live in Asia and Singapore, this is probably the part of the world with the most exciting developments, ie. stunning Thai tropical architecture, post-modern Singaporean mashups and 6 star Japanese perfections. Nonetheless, reviews on filed from other regions are definitely welcomed and help to make wiki chi chi more comprehensive.

3. not a destination guide (too many) or about luxury (over-done) or stylish design (too trendy). We say that “elegance” would be a more subtle and lasting descriptive. Henceforth, “elegant discoveries”.

"wiki chí chí is a wikipedia of discerning travel and elegant discoveries."

All being said, if you look at the current online travel space, one can see a lack of quality. Most websites are centered only on hotel bookings or a mish-mash of insight-less user opinions. There is not enough focus on the little design details, the service standard and the breakfast coffee. None really tell a customer what is truly engaging beyond flash and the oft-promised hospitality.

We hope wiki chi chi can be that online destination which can fulfill your travel research needs, presenting enough of the details to help you decide where best to spend your money. That little black book close to your heart which you refer to frequently, and yet not readily share with too many people.

Thank you for browsing. Have fun! ^_^



Founder & Editor: KT

Contributing Illustrator: Marcus

Contributing Programmer: Harry

Reach us at info [a] wiki chi chi [dot] com

Open Source Travel Reports

Join the wiki chi chi movement of elegant sharing and slumming. Start sharing your beautiful travel pictures, frank hotel reviews and elegant lifestyle recommendations. Our only rule is that PR photographs are not allowed, this is to ensure that wiki chi chi's content stays user-generated and original.



Sri Panwa
© 流浪貓Yan, Taiwan.

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