Creating your first article

Join the wiki chí chí movement of elegant sharing and slumming. Start sharing your beautiful travel pictures, frank hotel reviews and elegant lifestyle recommendations.

To ensure that wiki chí chí's content stays user-generated and original, hotel and resort PR photographs are not allowed. Do submit your original travel pictures.

wiki chí chí is using a wikipedia software called dokuwiki. As with all wikipedia software, the usage is geared towards technical folks. We prepared the simple step-by-step guide below to creating your article.

Simple Steps

1. Click on the relevant menu selections on the left. ie. If you want to create a page on a museum, click on museum. The relevant listing page will then appear.

2. Edit the listings page. Mouseover the icon beside the search field on the top right. Click on Edit this page.

3. Copy and paste one of the old entries. The format should be name_to_display, ie. Minami. Basically, the first : represents the category and the second : represents the page to be created. The last entry is the name to be displayed.

4. Save the listings page.

5. Click on this newly created page.

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